10 November 2009

Alien Nation

Anthropromorphicalogicality or the evolution of super-powers, better known as evolution, is a design much more than our own intentions. The time we spend not charting the depth of space, we will gain abilities that with the control of our minds can be controlled by the power within our meek lives. Post modernization, these traits we have are of the same caliber of legendary prophecies and science fiction, but in that same vein, if humanity is to wait for a culmination of a new humanity, any alien visitors will revere the advanced capability the way one might reciprocate a respect of their technology, beyond the realm of science. Feigned it is not, solely because it does not happen in your lifetime.

Just as anyone who fought, in a war of freedom, when they died it did not erase the meaning. Save conquest, in order to explore and discover all things knowable, the rest lays with our imaginations. We have focused attentions on things that actually matter, and in return realized the potential that time offers and nothing else, in the corner of our dimension. Like beauty, abilities are a matter of perspective of the way only one thing can be, this is how it will always be, how it has always been, and will change as such without a moment’s notice.

Our knowledge of computation, genetics, and robotics is going to change our way of implicitly living in incredible ways, but none of that really matters unless we vacate our vivid entrapments and realize pain is an illusion, without being motivated to do so and indulging in this familiar parable. Study and practice, before discussing viewpoints on energy manipulation and control, or the visitors will make their presence known. I can equate this to invisible friends, here to maintain a balance in power to a censored history that they approve, a new experience in a chance to be alive and breathing. Racism is only skin-logic is in the mind.

Completions in adoration were a wish rather than a love, in a solemn subtle trace of linear abject illusion, among whispering trees of solitude and the immeasurable graces of confrontation. No trace of evidence to show a difference between humanities’ capacities, thus the worst are no better than the exemplary. Silent and savory the timid receive the laws of the gods as the wicked watches the righteous in order to slay them, prompt and abrupt, and I have seen the wicked in great power. The older one that I replaced it with was older than this one, one that instilled a complete ability to imply distinction of salvation, or manipulation of instinct and the senses, only comparable with transcendental-astral projection (TAP).

A control of the soul is impossible. Though remotely accessing another’s mind and/or body, tapping into the consciousness of another, their actions are their own, blanketed by a failsafe that involves the fabric of time to dissolve. The nothing is something, free will is inflated, romanticized and therefore a distortion of things which may just as easily be explained in terms of determination, causation, other factors. Decisions affect others, with the angels on our side, but they will shield us from the truth until we are ready to learn.

The grass is greener on the other side when genetically modified. It just strikes me as one of the only elements that are untouched by such madness and corruption. I think that such matters was what my friend was also thinking when he looked out at the vast ocean before deciding to leave. Looking forward to the peace and simplicity, just how human we really are, and how logical ethics have become.

We trust messages and believe the stories to be real, so we will not hurt ourselves while learning the truths of freedom but this system profits from nothing ventured. Specificities of translation of thought include our surrounding, incoherent thoughts and abbreviations for ease of mind, memories by distraction, and usually never the intended weary result of enhanced interpretation.