13 July 2009

pets of reform

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3 cats and 1 dog, ughh. There were more when i arrived, i couldn't banish them all but i tried to keep the best, i kept three so they could socialise and learn cat things and keep kat kompany.

I often wonder if mexicans like cats or do they simply eat them. i like cats. they fend off varmints and insects and often fatally pat spiders, if they feel like dirtying their paws.

one was a newborn that mom brought from a pub.
we'll start with that one.


She was small and it was just before the week where is was 50 below for 5 days.
she's an obvious mix of white and black i like to call grey. A long hair winter cat that probably was a steam alley cat. a concrete jungle grey, long hair and a common variety who often attacks the other cats when i bring them inside after they run off. she gives herself baths, and catspit is not clean, by the way.

once she caught a baby mole who had made it under the garage wall. needless to say its not with us anymore, she couldn't carry it casually. i wanted to call her daisy, but mom thought mouse was cute so i went with that, sometimes calling her daisy, mouse, mosa, missy and mitzi. she climbs trees when she gets out.

mouse in the window

i took these pictures when it was cold out because im a white boy
and highly mobile in the winter. i play outside while others run door to door.
i know to keep the door closed and the heat on.

very clean very fast. i didn't name him, the late step-pa did. very affectionate and sleepy. a russian blue, it and a royal northern white mixture. they grey once again to the benefit of northern concrete and slushy road camouflage, the under belly bright and clean white to not be seen by a loose winter rodent. the grey also helps him hide from the owls that cannot see the grey as well as other colors. when he goes outside he rolls in the dirt where the grass doesn't grow and rolls in it, so that stranger cats wont think he's well 'kept for'. mom calls him pugsy which he responds to as well as answering to pugsley, puh-puh, and puggy. his eyes are yellow and not the pseudo green that inbred cats can get in the deep north.


the late step-pa named this one as well. long hair, royal northern white and a red or orange of natural variety that i like to call iowa red. in the winter the rodents are defenseless against his blanc white coat. yellow eyes. in the summer the red tail and crown keep him from being seen by prey as he approaches and by wind hawk of the golden fields that are often of the appropriate height, during the warmer months. we live in the land of the lake woods so he's long teeth as for his heritage. when i open the door he doesn't want to go out side and get dirty. but he gave me a mouse once as a peace offering with its hips pulled straight up through its haunches, a precision kill for a feline.


yeah, 13, that's right, his name is fozzy because that's the only bear i knew when we got the dog when i was 14. since then the family (+dog) moved once, where he and i are now and i have moved from a remote and secret spy location, in Hoosier, to Detroit for 2-3 years, than silicon valley, California for 5-6 years and now a year of sober, relocation and improvement of my life condition with pets and plants. oh frak, the dog. i only call him fozzy, but his full name is fozzy the bear. he's half golden retriever and half brown chow. an all around beautiful family dog that in his younger years hated blacks and guarded me, like spirit animal or something. now i think he just cries all day dreaming about other dogs. NOAH'S LAW: ALWAYS HAVE TWO OR MORE. when on rare occasion he gets off, he always comes home with loads of little kids. he only barks when someones outside, but after that hes just a speed bump. and did i mention 13yrs and no grey hair. hes 100 lbs, and never did eat alot. sort of a nice dog. he cant eat the rawhide bones anymore, but he lets me know when he has to go outside, if he didn't i would have removed him long ago. i have to have cleanliness at all cost. remember kids, pure breeding is inbreeding.

when i got home from calif, there were 6 cats, i got rid of four. two were ferile tricolor cats that had made peace with the previous owners, they went first. third to go was a cat that weighed 25 lbs, i took him to the shelter because he needed that fate, some diet or competition with the other cats. besides house cats cant re-acclimate to the wild. and lastly, a 15lb pure pitch black longhair cat that had inbred green eyes, pissed on the good clothes, i.e.school, not the shit-work clothes, shed, pissed on the massage chair if my coat laid in it, and wouldn't let the other cats eat. black cats are bad luck, or im resentful of the color, but he had to go. mouse came in after that. when i got rid of the black cat, it must've known it was going, because it fought it every step of the way. all of the 4 cats when to a no-kill retirement, catland shelter, that was clean, nice, and didn't smell with a vet next door where i took mouse to get her shots.

when the black cat was at odds with me he gave me a 6 inch laceration/scratch/tear:

and that's it. no one else lives in my house, for the past year from the peak of american currency through the lasting fall. one day the market dropped 777pnts and i lost stock in humanity. ive been living here in moms house, where she just pops in time to time.

i'm writing a fiction novel called merlin and posting it here on my blog for free, because im bored and i want the world to have it. that and writing stories is easy, making them interesting is hard, making them boring is difficult.

chapter 6 is done, readers, i've just about put the p's and q's in it and tied it to the next dozen or so chapters, i just needed to sleep here and there between deciding who says what, and how to turn this transitory chapter into two or three chapters. the result was 3, and it meant this newest chapter would have an increased need for a title. the older one that i replaced it with was older than this one.