29 November 2008

A New World . article 4


Society generates no less than an absolute torrent of ideas, facts and their mixture, and ultimately, it impedes our

attempts to diagnose what is wrong and fix it before we let our castes develop the entire world in its mock image, guaranteeing that we run out of resources and collapse.

Often we become so dependent on our stream of data that missed are the issues staring ourselves in the face. Where the truth will set us free we prefer to work our way through an internal dialogue of studies, reports, propaganda and entertainment.

The only people for whom this is convenient are short-sighted individuals who care about personal profit at the expense of all other life, and therefore, are perfectly willing to sabotage the process of finding an answer because they have bestowed interests in crime which are only relevant while the disaster is ongoing.

Those who have lived to adolescence in the world are familiar with this behavior, as it will ultimately direct any life in infinite irreversible ways: life-saving drugs blocked by pharmaceutical companies, solutions obstructed by bureaucracy, smart ways of living obscured by those who make products for the neurotic, lax councils that refuse to find an answer for actions they could not foresee or in doing so would end their committee.

In attempts to understand we can see that civilizations moving forward without a plan, consume resources at a viral rate. The reaches of the forbidden zone, being roughly defined as the edge of an inhabitable land, are leading this process through their rhetoric, political influence, or simple economics, which includes the export of technology.

The Four Vitality

1. Environment

Ecocide, climate change , an exhaustion of arable open land, a loss of wild-stock, and fresh water. While there is an increase of awareness on this issue, no definitive plan to avoid Ragnarok has been suggested. Danger,..Danger.

2. Vanity

People, conditioned by the values of fascist society, become selfish. They are consumed with personal wealth and social importance, yet fight for freedoms which negate responsibility. Be that as it may, no arisen culture has come from this freedom, nor anything resembling a long-term plan, so it becomes clear that our inexperience is the source of our bad values regarding actual motivation to fix the situation. It is this condition that will always arise.

3. Genetics

While many object to even considering people in genetic terms, the fact of the matter is that our potential is limited by our innate abilities; reflect what we can learn. Genetics is more than knowledge, however; it includes general health, intelligence, beauty and something of disposition which reflects the values of our natural impulses. A people act morally for the whole, while inbred people act destructively. Our genetic decline has two major veins: first, automatons. Secondly, through flux, the sub-cultures who begin to exhibit an opposition to education, strength, beauty and character (in some cases breading into subsidiary examples of humanity), we have created who are vulgar and base who are often fit only for jobs and have no adhesion to culture.

4. Existentialism

Existential decline of which our daily experience is overcome by hours contemplating in an even swap for our mortality. People who believe their lives are in recession, experience existential terror. In the modern era, we spend a disproportionate amount of our time at jobs, commuting, shopping, dealing with red tape, paying bills and arguing with irrational people. This contributes to an overall sense of dread and a morbid paranoia. A fascination on the self at the expense of all else can become malign. Our vitality is correlated to this. As we see ourselves as a symbol within the social group as a whole, the consequence relates to our behavior.

A crowd will do what individuals will not, because as a mob they feel they are not individually accountable; the actions that are taken represent a consensus, and relate to a perceived shared self-interest, often of the form that defends a victim in a way designed to guarantee lack of accountability for all. Paupers like free things, scapegoats, quick solutions and executions. Present a gang with the question of how to limit our collective resource utilization so that we do not commit ecocide and you'll have confounded them, but ask a them to protect what they were told to respect and they'll enthusiastically kill whomever you indicate is responsible for threatening that way of life

Crowds tend to see the entire world through a keyhole. The question is not what is right to do for humankind and environment alike, but what the individual desires, as anything can be defined as such and the reality of quality escapes. Further analysis of its value renders them useless. Much as a crowd protects the individuals from responsibility, an ambiguous word shields their intentions and values systems from further critique. fascism thrives in such situations, as it is both respected and encouraged, yet has no check or balance on its power.

There is no right answer, only individual desires, and even more damagingly, they are not addressed according to individual, but take the form of one standard for every person.

Normal Average

Mortals have marginal IQ points, weight, skin tones, bone densities, facial structures, and like to eat, sleep, talk and play. However, if we have to set up a single standard for screening them, we find the majority on average has 3/5 possible IQ and stamina(if not less), has dark skin and dark eyes, heavy bone density and a primative facial structure. Only a small percentage of our population actually does not meet this description, but when we calculate our laws and regulations and even prices, we use discretion along these lines to define regulation. Disturbingly damaging evident truths in nature.

However, locusts love facts, and they love liberty, as these are vanities that protect inner desires of which they are secretly ashamed, usually taking the form of greed, envy, excess and fear. Needs for possessions cannot be criticized by a society who cannot criticize it. Any society with a single culture, or even clear goal, will sooner or later remove support, or begin to suspect your motives. History is a steady progress toward these types of protective systems that exploit our private but irrational defects.

For this reason the primary line of defense is the ego and its self-image counterpart. When this happens, suddenly truth is an endangered species.

Insult is injury as its presence is contrary to the will and morality of civilization. This means that suddenly we exist on another level from reality.

The value of information is determined primarily not by how correct it is, but how politically acceptable it is, causing all things which are true to be discarded. As we heartily tax reality, many things are entirely offset by disaster unforeseen.

This blockade of truth is what pushes us toward post modernism or away from trusting any version of the official truth.

This finality is different from the passive aggression of monarchs in which people literally care about nothing other than their individualistic comfort and wealth and social status, because it is a hyper-active apathy.

Hypothesis of these events are the result of our reversion to believe in nothing other than reality is the cultivation and proper assertion of what is natural and sane, or being dragged down into the land of illusion, pleasant social lies and blanket media

Ultimately, conflicts, waste, resources, colonization, and devastation are a part of life's cycle. knowing that these cataclysms bring clarity and vision, enables us to do whatever is required, no matter how many lives or lands are destroyed. The ability to see beyond ourselves, and to be ready for any sacrifice in order to do what is right - not what is popular, or ordained by morality or money or law or social factors. In this control there is a maturity, and while it narrows a silent age of patience, it will also be an era of heroes as we confront this maturation of humanity.